I’m Neil. I live in Glasgow, Scotland and I work in the IT industry, primarily in public sector outsourcing. I have a keen interest in networking with a deep understanding of IP and higher-level protocols, systems programming as well as infrastructure design at enterprise scale.

Programming Languages

My programming language of choice at the moment is Go, although I do also have experience with C and Python. I have substantial working experience with Bash and PowerShell scripting languages, as well as Lua in an application-embedded context.

Open Source Projects

yggdrasil (Contributor, GitHub, Website)

A cross-platform prototype of an end-to-end encrypted IPv6 overlay network, written in Go. It implements a new and experimental compact routing scheme based around a globally-agreed spanning tree.

seaglass (Author, GitHub, Details)

A native Matrix client for macOS, written in Swift and using native Cocoa user interface frameworks. Primarily powered by the Matrix iOS SDK.

jnacl (Author, GitHub, Details)

Pure Java implementation of a number of NaCl elliptic curve primitives, including the Curve25519 elliptic curve, Xsalsa20 stream cipher and Poly1305 message authentication algorithm.

sigmavpn (Author, GitHub)

Incredibly lightweight point-to-point VPN solution for Linux and UNIX-based systems, written in C, making use of elliptic curve cryptography. A purely native Android port was also created.


User-Level Data Centre Tomography (ACM SIGCOMM, Helsinki, Finland)

Poster submission. Measurement and inference in data centres present a set of opportunities and challenges distinct from the Internet domain. Existing toolsets may be perturbed or be misled by issues related to virtualisation. Yet, while equally confronted by scale, data centres are relatively homogenous and symmetric. We believe these may be attributes to be exploited. However, data is required to better evaluate our hypotheses.

Therefore, we introduce our efforts to gather data using a single framework from which we can launch tests of our choosing. Our observations reinforce recent claims, but indicate changes in the network. They also reveal additional obfuscations stemming from virtualisation.

Industry Experience

Lead Engineer, (Glasgow, Scotland)

Managing engineering efforts for managed desktop and IaaS services for UKPS clients, including application migration, mobility services and on-site/in-datacenter networks.

Service Architect, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Glasgow, Scotland)

Service architecture and environmental design/implementation, primarily in the virtualised and Managed Desktop workspace, including application virtualisation, desktop and user management and backend infrastructure to support large-scale desktop and service delivery using technologies including, but not limited to, SCCM, AppSense and Citrix.


BSc Hons Computing Science (1st Class), University of Stirling (Stirling, Scotland)

Subjects of study include software development strategies, application development, networking and IP communications (SIP/VoIP), project management, information management (including XML, XSLT), programming language paradigms.


ACM SIGCOMM Undergraduate Research Prize (Helsinki, Finland)

Selected Finalist.